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New Dental Patient Information – Jacksonville, FL

Start Experiencing Excellence Today

Our mission at Jacksonville Dental Excellence is to make every part of the dental experience as easy and convenient as possible, and this includes coming to see us for the first time! On the page below, you’ll find everything you need to know ahead of your initial appointment. If you have any questions or concerns you would like to share with our team, you are always welcome to give us a call. We look forward to meeting you and changing the way you think about dental care one efficient and comfortable appointment at a time.

Your First Visit

Your first visit will likely be completely different from any dental experience you have had in the past - in a very good way. You will quickly see what a dedicated servant culture looks like. We are truly here for you! After you’ve been quickly checked in by our friendly team, you’ll be escorted to your treatment room, where a staff member will give you a pre-exam and take some X-rays. Your dentist will then come in, spend a little time chatting with you about your dental history and goals, and give you a more detailed exam. They’ll go over their findings with you, using the images from earlier as visual guides, and discuss your treatment options in detail. You’ll be given plenty of time to ask questions, and once you and your dentist have agreed on a care plan, you’ll be escorted back to the front desk. By the time you leave, you will have a full understanding of any issues that need to be remedied, the options, and pros and cons of each.

Patient Forms

Your time is valuable, so to help us check you in as fast as possible, you have the option to fill out our patient forms before you come to see us. Just click on the link below, complete the forms, and bring them to our dental office on the day of your visit—this can easily save you 15-20 minutes!

Patient Forms

Dental Insurance

Our dental office consciously chooses to prioritize a patient’s needs and not let their care be dictated by their insurance coverage. As a result, we are not in-network with any dental insurance providers. This allows us for greater flexibility in the techniques, materials, and labs we can use to deliver the best possible experience and results. If someone’s insurance plan offers coverage for our recommended treatment, it can obviously be used to help offset the cost.

Dental insurance generally has several components.  Your premium payments, an annual benefit, a deductible, and the copayment.  In nearly every situation, nothing is different when a patient visits a dentist that is in-network or out of network with regards to premium payments, annual benefit, or deductible.  There may only be a difference in copayments for some treatments.  For cleanings and x-rays, there likely will be little if any difference. 

   We comprehensively verify your insurance, you will have a full understanding of all aspects of your care as it pertains to your insurance, and we will file all claims for you.  Ultimately, the most important part of this is that we have the ability for years to come to provide you with care that you deserve!  

Dental Financing

For patients who can’t afford to pay for their treatments all at once, it is possible to get low-to-no interest financing that is uniquely suited to their budget. Patients can sign up for plans that are as short as 6-months or as long as 36-months based on their needs and credit approval. Our financing options feature NO surprise fee, hidden charges, or prepayment penalties, and signing up only takes a few minutes.